If you are tired, look at this!!!😘😘

If you are lost, look at this!!!😘😘

If you are bored, lookat this!!!😘😘

Focusing, focusing and focusing!!!

💖💖Why not listen to music

💗💗Some thing you should do:

  • ✍ Get into blog community and keep writing blog.
  • 💻 Code everyday(read code).
  • 💪 Keep learning.
  • 🈲 Be proud of cleaning goals,be shamed of storing goals.
  • 📕 Study with note.
  • 🌎 Enjoy github.
  • 🌚 Keep in good health.

💛💛Some thing you can have a read:


内容来路不明,仅用于防止博主迷路,don’t miss yourself🙈🙈

如果您有好的 motto 或 experience,欢迎 share!!👇👇